FitnessPrint founder and coach, Fatima Leite Kusch, wins NPAA Coach Award!

We are TOO proud to see Fatima recognized for being a stand-out coach in the fitness scene. We weren’t surprised to hear that oodles of nominations were sent in to the Natural Physique & Athletics Association.

On May 5th at the NPAA B.C. Classic, Fatima was called on stage and presented the award by NPAA Elite Pro Fitness Model and FP support team member, Mindy Ambrose. This was an emotionally moving moment, as Mindy gave a speech about Fatima’s unique level of attention and support, and explained just how much Fatima cares about her clients. To top off the experience, all of our NPAA Team Blessed Bodies competitors and FP clients supporting from the audience, joined Fatima on stage for team photos.

What an incredible event — reinforcing the sisterhood that is Team Blessed Bodies, and why FP is not your average online program.

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    Congrats Coach xoxo !
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  3. havingwhatittakes said: CONGRATULATIONS to my Coach!!! So deserved every ounce of this award!! She is an amazing person! WOO!!! I am very appreciative and privileged to have her guide me on my journey :) xoxo
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    So proud to be apart of this amazing team!
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    If you are looking for inspiration and an Amazing Coach, then look no further -
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    Congratulations to my coach, Fatima Leite Kusch, on her NPAA Coach of the Year award! Well deserved!
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