MORE MORE MORE Magazine Appearances by FitnessPrint Clients!

FitnessPrint Creator and Coach, Fatima Leite Kusch, promised us “2013 will be ALL about taking it HIGHER,” and she meant it. Never before have we seen such a strong presence of FitnessPrint clients in the health and fitness scene, and we are TOO proud.

Excuse us while we roll out the red carpet yet again…make way for the newest faces in Health & Fitness! Congratulations to Diana, Kaylee Ann, Leslie, Marilyse, and Tanya for your debuts in Oxygen Magazine this Spring! Congratulations also goes out to Zain, Theresa Jenn and Fatima for even more fabulous appearances in Oxygen. You can find all of these radiant beauties in the May 2013 issue and the Abs special edition issue available this month.

The best part about about all of these publications, is that these are real girls, with real goals, living real lives, encountering real challenges… achieving excellence and showing the world that ANYONE can do this. Who says YOU can’t share your passion for health in a fitness publication? Who says YOU can’t write an inspirational article? Who says you can’t join pro fitness model Fatima Leite Kusch on a dream fitness photo shoot, with world renowned photographer Paul Buceta? We know you can; our clients are just like you and are rockin’ these achievements every month!

FitnessPrint is taking applications for athletes and aspiring athletes who value taking their lifestyle to higher level, in a warm and supportive interactive environment. Join us!

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